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This is unlike any other Natural Childbirth Class Available! So trying to compare this system to something else like Lamaze or the hospital classes is impossible. This course is unique and much more informative than anything else.

These are a few of the many answered questions:


  • What are the different stages of natural childbirth labor?
  • What are the effects of medications on a natural childbirth labor?
  • What are the roles of my partner during a natural childbirth labor?
  • What do I need to know about natural childbirth and breastfeeding?
  • What is my body doing when I’m in labor?
  • What are contractions?
  • What is natural childbirth?
  • What should I be doing now to prepare for my natural childbirth labor?


natural childbirthNatural Childbirth – Hear from Rebekah who took the Comfort in Childbirth DVD series!

natural childbirthHere’s another natural childbirth testimonial from Malissa who took the Comfort in Childbirth course!

NEW!! Never before has there been a more extensive natural childbirth education course available!

Last Updated: Thursday April 24, 2014

Dear Friend,

Are you or a loved one expecting a child? Do you want a natural childbirth? Needless to say, this can be a stressful and overwhelming time to say the least.

It seems there is so much to learn about natural childbirth that you may not know. Whether this is your first baby, or not, you want to be prepared for everything and offer the best to your eagerly awaited loved one. Being properly educated and informed about natural childbirth is crucial regarding the health of the mother and baby for a successful natural childbirth.

Proper preparation and education can make the difference between a successful and comfortable natural childbirth versus a not so pleasant or complicated experience from prepartum thru postpartum.

Comfort in Childbirth Education Class Series was developed from the teachings of Grantly Dick-Read, M.D., (Childbirth Without Fear), Jean Sutton – midwife & Pauline Scott – childbirth educator (Optimal Fetal Positioning), Gail Tully – midwife (Spinning Babies), and the Russian midwives three part second stage concept. Years of learning, applying and compiling information from the very best in the field of natural childbirth, Sharon Mayo, CD (Dona), CLC has put together these class DVD’s and workbooks, including the Handouts Workbook.

Sharon Mayo, CD, CLC is a certified labor doula, a DONA trained postpartum doula and a certified lactation couselor. She has been in the natural childbirth business for over 30 years.

Natural Childbirth – Comfort in Childbirth DVD Series Course:

DVD ONE: Neuromuscular Harmonynatural childbirth

Chapter Title Index:

  1. Class Handouts Workbook Class One p.4
  2. Introduction by Sharon Mayo, your instructor 2.1 Doulas
  3. Pregnancy Diet 3.1 Class handouts Workbook – Diet Analysis p.5
  4. Neuromuscular Harmony
  5. Longitudinal Muscle Fibers
  6. Circular Muscle Fibers
  7. Interlaced Muscle Fibers
  8. Local Innervation
  9. Sympathetic Innervation
  10. Autonomic Innervation
  11. Harmony In Labor
  12. Causes of Pain in Childbirth
  13. Forward Leaning Positions
  14. Prevention of Pain in Childbirth
  15. Deep Relaxation
  16. Endorphins
  17. Two-Fold Effect
  18. Without Risk
  19. Epidural
  20. Relaxation
  21. Water Pot Analogy
  22. Foundation Story CB Workbook p.7
  23. Credits – Running Time: 01:40:44

natural childbirthDVD TWO: Stages of Labornatural childbirth

Chapter Title Index:

  1. Class Two Introduction
  2. Class Handouts Workbook Class Two p.7 2.1 Labor Progression Chart
  3. Belly Mapping
  4. Optimal Fetal Positioning
  5. Childbirth Class Workbook Class Two p.19
  6. Bleeding in Labor
  7. Water Breaking
  8. Timing Contractions
  9. Making Your Own Decisions
  10. Stages of Labor
  11. First Stage of Labor; Early Phase of Labor
  12. Active Phase of Labor
  13. Transitional Phase of Labor
  14. Credits – Running Time: 02:04:32

natural chidlbirthDVD THREE: Tools of Labor – First Stagenatural childbirth

Chapter Title Index:

  1. Class Handouts Workbook Class Three p.17
  2. Drug Interventions – Pain Medications
  3. Childbirth Class Workbook Class Three p.29 3.1 Tools of Labor – First Stage
  4. Body Position
  5. What You are Thinking About
  6. Even Breathing
  7. Deep Abdominal Breath
  8. Rib Cage Breathing
  9. Candle Blow
  10. Counter Pressure Techniques
  11. Sacrum Technique
  12. Double Hip Squeeze Technique
  13. Side Lying Hip Squeeze Technique
  14. Technique Demonstrations
  15. Credits – Running Time: 01:46:30

natural childbirthDVD FOUR: Tools of Labor – Second Stagenatural childbirth

Chapter Title Index:

  1. Class Handouts Workbook Class Four p.19
  2. Interventions
  3. Induction
  4. Childbirth Class Workbook Class Four p.36
  5. Rupturing Membranes
  6. Tools of Labor – 2nd Stage
  7. See Position Diagrams p.42 7.1 Second Stage Positioning
  8. Third Stage of Labor
  9. Effective Pushing
  10. Effective Pushing continued
  11. Credits – Running Time: 01:54:45

DVD FIVE + WORKBOOK: Breastfeeding Classnatural childbirth

Chapter Title Index:

  1. Class Handouts Workbook Class Five p.32
  2. Hepatitis B Immunization
  3. Nipple Assessment
  4. Benefits of Breastfeeding 4.1 Breastfeeding Workbook p.4 4.2 Hormones
  5. Nutrition – Maternal
  6. Weight Gain – Infant
  7. Engorgement
  8. Physiologic Jaundice
  9. Thrush
  10. Manual Expression 10.1 Breastmilk Handling & Storage
  11. Supplemental Feedings
  12. Frequency of Feeding 12.1 Hunger and Thirst
  13. Hypoglycemia
  14. Feeding Cues and Infant States
  15. Position and Latch-On
  16. Baby-Led Attachment 16.1 Skin to Skin
  17. Collaborative Attachment 17.1 Asymmetric Latch
  18. Credits – Running Time: 01:53:54

natural childbirthchildbirth dvdsWorkbook: Comfort in Childbirth

This is the natural childbirth workbook which will accompany the Comfort in Childbirth DVD Series. The workbook complements each DVD and is a visual guide as you work thru each of the 4 main natural childbirth DVDs.


WORKBOOK: Class Handouts

It is in this natural childbirth WORKBOOK that you will learn about the value of Optimal Fetal Positioning. I consider this an integral part of the series and it should not be missed; optimal fetal position of the baby within the womb is vital to the progress of labor. Mainstream medicine does not focus on this aspect of labor to the degree it should. I believe that the 2007 cesarean rate of 31.8% (Center for Disease Control) would not be so high if they did, as well as other aspects of natural childbirth labor intervention, such as, induction and early epidural anesthesia. Several other topics will be discussed such as: natural childbirth ways to help start a labor; information to help with decisions regarding immunizations at birth; important natural childbirth observations for breastfeeding preparation and more.

natural childbirthBelow is Annemarie’s natural childbirth testimonial regarding her experience with the Comfort in Childbirth DVD series!

YES! I want the Comfort in Childbirth DVD Series!

You made the right choice! You’re now on the way to the best childbirth education series available!

Dear Sharon,

I just wanted to say that as a husband, and soon to be father for the first time, I really enjoyed the natural childbirth classes.

Through them, I learned what was going to be happening to my wife, and how I could best support her throughout her labor. The whole experience was amazing, and I am truly grateful to Sharon for her guidance.


Erik Scheel

Truckee, CA

natural childbirthWatch this short video natural childbirth testimonial from Peggy Martin. Peggy and her husband used the Comfort in Childbirth course!

Dear Sharon,

Having a home birth, it was really important for me to be prepared for my own labor.

The BEST thing about taking Sharon’s classes was that it removed ALL fear from the birth process. Learning what was going to happen to my body was eye opening, but to actually experience the whole process without fear was liberating!

Thank you!

Susan Scheel

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Your pregnancy and the birth of your child are your important first acts of motherhood. Are you prepared? Here is the information you need.

Comfort in Childbirth gives you the tools and support you need as you begin to care for yourself and your baby.


natural childbirth

Best Regards,

natural childbirth

Sharon Mayo, CD, CLC
Comfort in Childbirth